Software specialists for new and emerging technologies

About Nuru® New Technology Gurus

Nuru® New Techonlogy Gurus specialize in new and emerging technologies. They are highly experienced working in areas where there is no previous experience to be had – Our team has spent the past 15+ years building systems that are the first of their kind, often establishing new industry benchmarks for capability and performance in the process.

Our Services

Nuru® Professional Services include a full range of computer consulting services, specializing in cutting edge software and systems design and analysis.

Begun in 1995, Nuru® Internet Consulting focuses on designing and building large scale distributed systems such as electronic commerce servers, including integrating the new systems with legacy systems, giving particular emphasis to ease of use, ease of maintenance and extension, scalability, reliability, availability, and security.

Now that that is old hat, our Nuru® New Technology Gurus are ready to take on the next challenge in turning the newest technology into a competitive advantage for you.

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